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Fire Pits
In May 2017, there was a terrible house fire in the Mill Quarter neighborhood. One home was completely destroyed, one home was nearly destroyed and two others suffered smoke damage.The fire department determined the cause of the fire was a smoldering fire pit that was left unattended on a wood deck. Many residents were rightly concerned about the fire and asked if the Association would consider banning fire pits from being used in the townhome neighborhoods. A meeting ws held with a representative of the Chesapeake Fire Department and the Association's attorney was consulted. It was determined that the Covenants and Restrictions for our nightborhoods do not allow the Association to prohibit residents from using fire pits.However, if you are renting out your home you may prohibit them from being used by your tenants on your property, if you include that in your lease (Consult a real estate professional or attorney for information).

The GPOA Board of Directors has adopted the following rules to follow when using a fire pit or grill:

  • Fire Pits shall be at least 10 feet away from any structure and grills shall be at least 5 feet away from any structure.

  • Fire pits and grills shall not be used under overhanging branches.

  • A water source must be nearby.

  • Fire pits shall not be used on a wooden deck.

Please be considerate and make sure the smoke from your fire pit is not creating a nuisance to your neighbor(s). Please note the Fire Department can order your fire to be extinguished if the smoke is creating a nuisance to others.

Other common sense fire prevention tips:

  • Don't use the fire pit when it is windy outside.

  • Make sure your ashes are completely cooled before disposing of them in a metal fire proof container

  • Only adults should use fire pits and grills. Keep children and pets at least 3 feet away to avoid accidents.