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Guidelines for Using GPOA Lakes
These guidelines are based in part according to the recreational guidelines for lakes as set forth by the City of Chesapeake and The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF). Only GPOA residents and their guests are permitted to use the lakes. The lakes are not available to the general public. The safety of persons using the lakes is of the utmost importance and caution should be used at all times. Swimming, diving, wading or playing in the water is strictly prohibited. The lakes have a considerable amount of vegetation on the bottom that can easily entrap someone, especially children. Children should not play in or near the water and should be supervised at all times.

  • A fishing license is required when fishing from the GPOA lakes. Consult the DGIF for details at www.dgif.virginia.gov. Fishing licenses can be obtained at various local retail establishments

  • Fishing is permitted from the GPOA docks or lake edge.

  • All fishing equipment is to be removed after use. This includes bait and its containers, fishing lines and all trash.

  • Trapping of fish, turtles or other wildlife with cages or other contraptions is prohibited.

  • Fishing is permitted from sunrise to sunset.

  • Only non-powered watercraft is permitted to be used on the lakes. Examples

  • include: canoes, rowboats, jon boats, dinghies, paddle boats and kayaks.

  • Gasoline powered engines are prohibited, however small electric trolling motors are permitted.

  • Watercraft that is launched from the GPOA common ground must be small enough to be hand carried across the grounds. No vehicles or trailers can be used to take the boat across the common grounds or to launch it in the lake.

  • Residents whose lots adjoin the lake may use larger watercraft; however the above regulations still apply.

  • No one under the age of 14 shall operate a watercraft.

  • U. S. Coast Guard approved personal floatation devices are required for all passengers.

  • The number of passengers aboard the watercraft shall be within the designated safety limits of the watercraft.

  • No glass containers should be used on or near the lake.

  • Lakes close at sunset and open at sunrise.

  • Watercraft shall be removed from the water and GPOA common grounds by sunset. No watercraft shall be left in the lake or on the common grounds after use. However, residents that live adjacent to the lake and own the portion of the lake past their yard may do so.