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  Greenbrier Property Owners Association, Inc.​​​
Lawn Maintenance Standards

The lawn and flowerbed areas in the front yard create the first impression others have of your home. The Covenants and Restrictions state “It is the responsibility of each owner of a lot to prevent any unclean, unsightly, or unkempt conditions of buildings or grounds on the lot which shall substantially decrease the beauty of the neighborhood specifically and the Property”. To that end, the Board of Directors has approved the following lawn maintenance standards for front yards:

  • Lawns should be mowed on a regular basis, usually at least once a week.

  • Weeds should be treated or pulled from flowerbeds and other areas so their growth is controlled in the lawn.

  • Sidewalk, driveways and street surfaces around your home should be kept weeded and grass free and a clean edge should be maintained. The curbing and gutter and street in front of your home should be kept free of litter and debris as the City of Chesapeake only cleans the streets once a year. It is incumbent on all citizens to keep the road clean in front of their own home.

  • Trees and bushes should be trimmed to keep them from hanging over a neighbor’s property, sidewalk or street and so they do not obstruct windows or doors. They should be pruned and shaped to their proper height and shape according to accepted best management practices. Tree stumps should be removed or cut flush with the ground or otherwise hidden from view of the street.

  • Dead trees and tree limbs should be removed as soon as possible as they could present a safety hazard.

  • Leaves, gumballs and other yard waste should be placed in clear plastic bags and placed at the curb on trash collection day. Leaves, grass clippings, etc. should not be blown into the street.

  • Paper and other trash should be picked up from your lawn on a regular basis.

  • Lawn equipment, grills, bicycles, toys, etc. should be stored out of view of the street when not in use.

  • Lawn furniture in the front yard is not allowed, however exceptions may be made for small decorative benches or chairs that blend in with the overall appearance of the home. These may be kept near the home’s front entrance or porch but not in driveways or front yards.

  • The front lawn must have grass and be kept as free of weeds as possible. Bare areas need to be seeded so that the entire front lawn has grass.

  •  At the front foundation of the house evergreen bushes need to be installed in a defined bed area with mulch or other approved ground cover (excluding white rocks).Azalea, holly and hawthorn are examples of the many different types of shrubs thatwill stay green all year. A minimum of three shrubs should be installed at the largestportion of the front foundation of the house.

  • Decorative items such as statues and knick-knacks should be kept to a minimum in the front yard. Artificial flowers, bushes, trees, etc. are not allowed.

Updated March 2012